Sjava kicked out from CT Jazz Festival – His rape case is serious

Organizers of the Cape Town International Jazz Festival have announced that singer Sjava has been dropped from their concert set to take place later this month.

This in light of recent allegations and charges of rape made against him by fellow singer Lady Zamar.

The statement read; “Due to the seriousness of the allegations levelled against Sjava, the Management of the Cape Town International Jazz Festival has withdrawn Sjava’s performance from the CTIJF 2020 line up.”

Sjava and Lady Zamar

The announcement saw Sjava’s name trend once again on Twitter.

Some die-hard fans vowed to stand by their idol, whilst some planned to boycott the concert itself!

A lot more questioned why the concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ was not applied to the incident;

Timing of ur withdrawal of his performance for the CTIJF 2020 is found wantin because the allegations were FIRST made on 29 Oct 2019 and repeated on 1 March 2020. So, when EXACTLY did you become aware of ’em: this past Sunday/Oct last year? This proves you NEVER believed her!

Do you think concert organizers made the right decision in dropping Sjava?

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