damages claim against Mamabolo to R2m, demands approved apology

The EFF leader also wants the ANC MP dragged to court over his allegations that he abuses his wife.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema still plans to sue ANC MP Boy Mamabolo, but has upped his initial R1 million damages claim to R2 million.

Malema also wants Mamabolo to publicly apologize to him and his wife, Mantoa, and to appear in the Limpopo High Court, according to an article published on Sunday by City Press.

This after Mamabolo stood up on a point of order during the recent State of the Nation address, and said the House was being abused in the same way that Malema’s wife was allegedly being abused. Mamabolo’s comments were later repeated during the Sona debate.

Reacting to the comments, Malema sent a lawyer’s letter to Mamabolo demanding he retract his “vexatious, misplaced, spurious and untrue” allegations or face a R1 million defamation lawsuit.

“The statement is not only defamatory, but placed the image that our client exerts violence onto women, a crime he vehemently opposes, and not only women but in this regards specifically his wife,” the letter read.

Mamabolo has since apologized to Malema, saying he was acting on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s call on MPs to expose gender-based violence.


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He also said he had received messages telling him about the alleged abuse. The apology has since been rejected by Malema and his wife.

“I would like to take this opportunity to apologize and retract the insensitive statements that I have made in Parliament and outside regarding gender-based violence which was allegedly happening in your household.

“I humbly request you to accept my sincere apology, I wish you a Happy Malema Family (as I’ve always did) jealous must never break you, Stay strong my Comrades (sic),” Mamabolo told Malema.

However, City Press reported on Sunday that Malema has considerably increased the amount he and Mantoa are looking to receive in the pending defamation lawsuit.

If this does not transpire, Malema and Mantoa demand that Mamabolo be cross-examined in court.

Malema and Mantoa have also reportedly approved an apology statement they want Mamabolo to issue publicly. They have also raised concern about the possible repercussions Mamabolo’s allegations could have on the family, especially on Malema and Mantoa’s children.

Source:Online News

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